The importance of 'Team Building' and 'Variety of Stimulus' within the Youth Academy curriculum


22/05/2017 12:10

Various teams within the Granada CF Youth Academy system, such as the Juvenil A (Under-19’s) team managed by Jaime Morante, have participated in ‘Team Building’ exercises aimed at providing a ‘Variety of Stimulus’ for the teams and players. At key times throughout the season, complimenting the physical and technical development of players, the training pitch has been substituted by equally demanding but alternative scenarios.

Marvellous locations such as Los Cahorros gorge or the Albaicín district have been venues for members of the various youth teams, many of whom are from outside the province, the opportunity to discover, experience and appreciate, the natural and cultural richness of the city and its surrounding areas, strengthening the sense of belonging to the club and city these players are representing.

‘Team Building’ is an important strategy towards optimising collective performance, forging and strengthening relationships, amongst the players and staff of all categories within the club.

This accompanies what is usually a more rigid Sports Training program with various principals and norms. However, a ‘Variety of Stimulus’ is encountered amongst them. An important way of modifying key elements of the daily working routine (hours, environment, intensity, volume, materials and/or content), with the aim of providing variety and diversity, thus obtaining positive effects both at a physical and psychological level.