Ángel Castellanos, new Honorary President of Granada CF: "We must all work together as one"


10/07/2017 12:19

Ángel Castellanos sent out a clear message of unity amongst all Granada CF supporters and employees, during his official presentation as Honorary President of the club.

The protagonist of an emotive event for all attending the press conference, he underlined: “All of us here, we must help the club. That’s essential. We can’t allow ourselves to drop our heads. We all have to work as one. I’m very clear about that. It’s very important that we win promotion back to the First Division this season. I have every confidence in the club.”

Attending the presentation were a wealth of former players and members of the Granada CF Veterans Association. “I’m delighted with the club and we’re all here together. I feel very proud to be a part of them.” He recognised.

For his part, Granada CF director Ignacio Cuerva proudly highlighted: “All the work we do each and every day should be accompanied by gestures such as this, alongside our new way of doing things. Such a great asset as Ángel Castellanos represents for Granada, shows that this project in moving in the right direction, also reflecting what Castellanos represents for us all.”

Mayor of Granada, Francisco Cuenca, praised the appointment of Castellanos as Honorary President as an important recognition of the club’s history. “This is great news for the city. Ángel has firm roots here. Beyond that is a serious and solid sporting project. What’s more, he has a direct relationship with Granada and its people.” He concluded.